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New houses

I stopped looking for new flat to move because there where my mother lives is a flat for rent, but the landlord still doesn't answer how much she wants. I really would like renting that flat, it's new and near my actual flat. But if I don't get any answer soon I will need continue in my search.
Soon Michael is moving to new house too, that will be very nice for him!! sadly he will continue being a babysiter of some person who isn't able to do nothing by herself instead complaining and spending money. Not surprise me how stressed he is always and why he can't leave the pills animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
A lot of people have a price and many of them are so greedy that they chose material things instead be happy. You can tell me that hapiness is an utopia but those materialistic people don't even enjoy what they get... they tride to hide frustration, depression and suicidal thoughts showing all that they got to other people. And they call themselves "smart person"... I call them mediocre persons. I see this even in my family, and more I see people like this, more I need be different to they. 
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