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I slept just 4 hours because again I stayed up late watching Arrow. If I don't fix my sleeping I wont survive this year. It was another hot day where I felt tired and weak. I don't think what I have is allergy but cold. I took all the medicine and it fixed nothing, I know my body will fight against the sickness for weeks before to fall.  Nothing that I can do to make the process faster. 

Despite I didn't rest, a cup of coffee and all the things that I had to do kept me awake at work. I got more tasks to do because a technical is on vacations and it seems I'm the only one who knows how to do his paperwork  What this has to do with my job position?! Nothing... However I took care of it making my to-do list longer. My boss came back from her holidays. She spent 1 hour talking to me about work and coworkers. It's nice to see that she trusts me.

As I knew was going to happens, when I left work I did shopping. One of the things I bought was the steel bracelet that I almost buy yesterday. I went to the store convinced that I need it. I tried that one I liked and 3 more, then I got a bracelet which was not the first that I liked but the second. For some reason I'm pretty sure that soon I'll get the other that has an elephant pendant  I need those steel bracelets because I'm allergic to the niquel, zinc and other metals. 

Went I got home I saw a beautiful sunset through my window

I love so much the sky, the moon, the clouds... I would like to live in the countryside just to look at the sky hours and hours without the buildings obstructing the view. 

I decided not to start workout today that I slept so poorly, instead I did bike again. I'll watch 1 episode of Arrow then try to sleep. 
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