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Friday finally!

My day started in a bad way. I woke up late although the 8 alarms I have set on my phone so I could not have breakfast at home. When I got work, I had latte with cookies. It was 66F and raining, perfect to sleep all day long, oh well... at least it's Friday

I had so many tasks to do but I kept fucking around all day long, I really need vacations, I can't continue working as slave without take days off.
My boss came to my office to talk with me. She wanted to tell me that she was going to send an email where administrative boss and me were the recipients but I should not feel alluded for her words because everything was fine with me. The email was about commissions for sales. My coworker had low salary then he was getting higher commissions than me to compensate it, and in the end earning more money.
Because my boss has not been happy with his work for a long time she decided to pay to him same salary and same commission than me. She wrote that we all will earn the same to make it fair and they will adjuste it according to our performance. I really appreciate that she warned me about the email, otherwise I would get pissed feeling they do not value my effort. I'm earning $350 more than last year so I can't complain about it, my salary is not bad but the company pays so much to people who doesn't do the job.

I went to the bookstore after work. Obviously it was crowded because they giving 50% off so I walked around, I picked the book Origin by Dan Brown and I went to the queue. There were other books that I wanted but it's cheaper if I buy them for Kindle.

To fucking my diet up completely, I had pizza and icecream so I declare this week lost and next weeek I'll eat healthy again. Anyway I did 1 hour bike.

Btw, it was another beautiful sunset today

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