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I waste the first week of this year being lazy. I didn't study, not exercised, not worked on projects, I didnt read any book...at work I barely can take a break but when I get home, I don't know where the time goes.
I feel weird, tired, weak.. not sure if I'm depressed, if this is because weather, or maybe because my hormones, but I feel weird. My body feels swollen and also hurts, this hardly ever happens to me!!! I feel heavy but the body scale says I weight 123 lbs. I really hope it just be something hormonal,

Things at work are going well for us, which means I have more and more tasks to do. We got ride of all those people who were stealing money from the company. Now they are selling another brand of tools which is cheaper than the brand we sell, so they became our competitors, but today we made a deal with that cheap brand to sell their tools too.. we are going to mess with all those motherfuckers that fucked us up. Probably I'll need to make a new website to sell the other tools but I don't think I can do that without take vacations first. I'll collapse.
I'm working to make them lose their contract with that brand of tools. I should be detective, I always find the others dirty business!
Today we setted a code for the alarm for me because my boss will give me the key of the office.

I had to do shopping therapy because while I was going home, Michael and I started to argue. I have a private journal where I used to write for him a year ago, because he hardly ever read it now I use that journal to write my very personal issues. He wants I give attention to him when he is not showing interest on us at all. While he's working, he's always busy. He messaged me once or twice to complaing about his work, then he goes home and he disappears. If he is not playing his online game then he is sleeping. I stopped writing to him and lately I just answer when he messages me. Because this weekend I had plans suddenly he feels interest on me again and started to ask how my weekend was. I didnt give to him any detail so he ran to my journal to see if I wrote something there. That, of course, pissed me off and we started arguing, so I stopped in a store to buy something, doesnt matter what... whatever I see first. I saw this:

I am not even sure if Ilike those bracelets I also bought ankle weights which I'll get on Wednesday.
I started watching Mindhunter. So far I like it, this is for me always interesting to know and understand other people minds, even the mind of assassins.
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