_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Murder on the Orient Express

Let's be honest, I watched this movie just because Johnny Deep, I though he was going to surprised me with another crazy-weird and genial character for which Johnny is always the best option. It was a mistake, he's co-star in this movie. His character did not exploit its full potential and it was gone very fast. 
Anyway I liked the main character, the detective. First of all I have to say that What a sexy man although his age!!! His character is a brillant detective with some OCD but he's not a great as Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock Holmes. 
I've never read Agatha Christie (I shoud do it) and the story seems interesting, I didn't expect that endening. I don't know if the book has the same opening,  it seemed to me the only reason for those scenes is to let you know that the detective is a kind of genius who can solve any case. With all those actors the movie could be better but their dialogues were scarce.
In my opinion it doesn't worth going to the cinema, it's fine to watch online though.  
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