_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Bad/Good Friday

This morning I woke up before the alarm began to sound. I could not decide what I was going to wear and I changed clothes four times until get dressed with leggings, shirt and sneakers. The water channel showed that it was going to rain so it was not good to wear high heels or a dress. 
I ended leaving home late anf I forgot my umbrella...

When I got to work and I went upstair to my office I realized how much my legs hurt. Fat ass, the coworker who harassme, came to my office to work from there because his office has not air conditioner and mine has (which doesn't work very well). That made me moody. I told him he could stay but he could not listen to music. He was fine about that. Obviously I had to hold him talking shit about other coworkers and complaining for everything, fucking lazy ass. To make my day worse, sales manager sent us an email saying that tomorrow, Saturday, we have to join a videocall for a training. 
The training is about wind power and it will last from 11 am to 4 pm  On Saturday we just work until 1pm!!! I don't mind working extra hours if this will be useful, but I wonder how any info about wind power will help me with my tasks.... I think it won't be useful for me and it will just make me delayed with the things I need to get done. 

My day started to get better when I started to chat with a friend. I feel so comfortable sharing things with him. Then a coworker, one of the new sellers, came to the office and brought me a bottle of Baileys because since he joined our company I'm alqays helping him with whatever he needs  I do that with all my coworkers unless they be dicks but actually it's nice to see someone appreciate my help.

I was still pissed at the fact that tomorrow I had to stay in the office until 4pm, but sales manager spoke my boss then they told me I can stay at home and join the videocall from there. Cool, at least I don't need to get dressed or take a bus! I think I'll use my tablet to join the videocall then I'll lay in the bed 

Finally it didn't rain. On my way back to home I bought ice cream. Tomorrow I'll do what we call Baileys Cup: ice cream with baileys. 

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