_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,


  1. Stranger Things : s1,  s2
  2. The Flash: s1, s2
  3. Vikingd: s1
  4. 13 reasons why: s1
  5. Legends of tomorrow: s1, s2
  6. Rick and Morty: s1, s2
  7. Sherlock: s1 to s4
  8. House of cards: s1 to s5
  9. Daredevil: s1
  10. Big mouth: s1
  11. The OA: s1
  12. A serie of unfortunate events: s1
  13. Marco polo: s1, s2
  14. the Office (UK): s1
  15. Arrow: s1
  16. Haters back off: s1, s2
  17. Mindhunter: s1
  18. Game of thrones: s1 to s6
  19. Shooter: s1, s2
  20. Dexter: s1 to s4
  21. Black Mirror: s1
  22. Orange is the new black: s1, s2
  23. Dr House: s1 to s8
  24. The Vampire diares: s1, s2
  25. American Horror Stories: s1, s2
  26. The Big Bang theory
  27.  The fall: s1.
I don't remember what else
Tags: lists, series
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