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Complaints day

I had a long and busy day. I had to do my work plus my coworker work. For more than 1 year he's doing a poor work, we are not happy with him. Today I spent many hours fixing his shit.  Sales manager called me to add more tasks to my schedule. and I told him that I have my own priorities.
When I got to work fat ass was at the door, he looked at me and said "Do whe have any meeting today???" It's not that he cares if we have any or not, but this is the way he uses to can say that I look nice today. I wore black pants and a new white shirt, high heels and make up. pretty normal clothes for working in an office, stop fucking stare at me. I replied in a rude way that as far as I know there is not any meeting then I walked into the office leaving him behind. (New people who read my journal can believe I am conceited and paranoid girl, but this guy is always harassing me.)

Daniel, who is back from his trip, will help me with quotes. I heard him all the morning saying how tired he is, how much he needs vacations (he already has one week off last month), and complaining about everything as usual. At noon they sent him to deliver an order so I ended alone doing all the fucking job. 
The plan is that Daniel does the quotes while I update the price list (more than 10.000 products), but how he will help with quotes when he doesn't know how to calculate the new prices? So this mean I'll need tell him every single price losing focus on my task. 

Sales manager wants I design and send newsletters, he wants I design the next Facebook campaign, he wants I set the Adwords campaign, also I need update the brochures because they have wrong info and add more things to our website. All those tasks while I do quotes, while I update price list, while I do my coworker tasks, while I calculate commissions, and so on. Tomorrow my boss is going to travel to be with her daugther while she gives birth, another coworker leaves for vacation and next week fat ass will travel to give support to a new seller. Next weeks will suck for me. 
It was enough that I said I want to take a week off next month to Daniel says he will too. I told to this motherfucker that if he wants to take vacations next month he will take first week because I am not going to cancel my vacations again. Sales manager told me also he wants vacations next month and I told him the same: I won't cancel my vacations again!

Today I wanted to uninstall whatsapp. One customer and his wife are looking for me to I set their outlook again in their computers. For some reason that I don't know the guy setted his email as IMAP account so this mean that the emails stay forever in the server. His email box keeps growning nonstop and I have to add more and more quota to it. Right now he has more than 1GB. He has emails that its size is more than 40MB each... WTF!!!!!! Few weeks ago I logged in his computer by teamviewer and I setted his account as POP3. He doesn't remember why he deleted it and he setted the account back to IMAP.  I could give unlimited space to him but I try to keep customers under control.

Another person who messaged me today: one of the ex sellers who stole us. He wants that I work in some webpage for his golf teacher... really? kiss my ass motherfucker. I won't do any job for him. 

And then there was Michael flattering me so much until make me pissed.. yes I got pissed with that. I told him he knows very well for me words without acts means nothing. As usual I was honest in the way that people hate about me. I was not angry but tired of this, we didn't argue just talking. He said that... oh well, I don't care anymore what he says, I just care about what he does. 

Today is one of those days when I don't like humans and I would prefer to stay away from them.

The last complain for today... I gained 2 lbs more. I'm really messing with  my eating so badly, skipping meals, eating fat, drinking coffee. I wanted to fix this a little today so before to come home I went to the greengrocery because I don't have any fruit or vegetables... it was closed because vacations  So my dinner was green tea with chocolate cookies. I cooked rice pasta for tomorrows lunch. 

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