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It surprise me how persistent and tenacious I'm being. Even though I have not taken vacations and I'm physically and mentally exhausted, I keep going. Last night I  was lying on the bed, sore from cramping because period and falling asleep, then I left the bed and I did 40 minutes workout. I did the "leg burner" training then bum exercises using the ankle weights. Today my legs don't hurt like they hurted last week, it's a win.

It was another busy day at work. My coworker, who is supposed to help me this week with quotes, again left earlier leaving me alone. On Friday he will do the same, he will leaves the office at 1 pm. to do personal things. Thanks for not helping I guess. Before the administrative guy go on vacations I asked him if there is any of his task I need to finish, he said I don't need, because sales manager was going to do it. Today sales manager and me were making a list with the tools we need to buy this week. I asked him if he knows how to do the purchase order to send to the factory... he doesn't know. He has no idea how to do the tasks that my other coworker does, but can you guess who already know how to do it? 
Yes... I got another task to do. 

Today I finally could make utorrent works with my VPN. I'm catching up with Game of Thrones. A couple of years ago when I used to download series my conection was so bad that I got bored trying to download something. Now, although I'm using a VPN who make my conection slower, i can download a whole season while I'm working. I think I'll download Silicon Valley season 2 after GOT, and maybe It's always sunny in Philadelphia. 

I hope you guys had a good day. Half week gone, weekend is almost there! :D
Tags: series, work, workout
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