Slavery in the 21st century

This has been a hard, long and busy week. Again I couldn't finish my work because I  had to do everybody else's work. The guy who shares office with me did nothing at all the whole week, just surfing the internet reading the news, saying how bored he is, or going out to do personal things. 

The guy of the warehouse is another lazy ass who spends his day surginf the internet watching football, or chatting on the phone. Fatass boy, well we all know he won't do his work, he just wait for my boss to fires him to get money. Let's not talk about the guy from foreign trade who is on vacations and I'm replacing. 

I know my boss has plans for this year, like firing people, moving to a new office, etc. but it depends of how many money we can earn to continue being operative and also to pay to the people she fires. Meanwhile we are just 2 people doing all the administrative, operative, and management work (plus the new sellers who we can control so far).

I feel like a slave. I got home so tired and mentally drained that I don't even had dinner this week. I know my boss has not idea how many tasks I do but she tries to be as fair as she can with me. Here is too much work to do, and few people to do it. If the company survives and we grow, I know I'll also grow (at least economically). I'm not slave of my boss but of the ineptitude of my coworkers and their lack of interest in honoring their work, and also I'm slave of our labor laws, because firing the people who is not doing their work it would mean bankruptcy for the company because all the money we should pay for indemnities to people who didn't do their job. Oh well... I just made depressed myself.


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