Jardín botánico (Botanical garden)

Botanical Garden Carlos Thays

Today after work I went to pick the tickets for Dragonland. Since I was near to the Botanical Garden and I never went there before I decided to go.  The weather was really nice, 90F and sunny, perfect to go for a walk. 

I went to McDonald's and I bought latte (two) and a croissant to take away, then I went to the Garden.  As I went through the entrance of the garden I could feel how the atmosphere changed... the warm air, the smell of the trees and the singing of the birds make that place special, a little paradise in the middle of the chaotic city.

I chose a bench and I sat down to drink the first coffee. It was so relaxing! When I finished the coffee I took the other and I started to walk around the garden taking photos. 

There are trees from all the continents, each one different from the other and with its label to know how the tree is called and where it is from. Few greenhouses were scattered around the place. One of them has succulents plants, other has cactus, other has tuberculous, other has pteridofitas and so on. There were a building with a beautiful painting on its wall and a sign that says "Gardening".

Gardening building
Cactus greenhouse

All over the place there were sculptures, some fountains and also there was a butterfly garden. The garden has a Meteorological column which had a clock to shows the local hour plus 8 more clocks to show the hour from London, Paris, Berlin, Viena, Roma, Tokio, New York and Madrid. In its 8 sides it had  precision instruments made by hand: barograph, barometer, hydrometer, hygrometer, psychrometer, thermograph, thermometer and maximum and minimum thermometer. Sadly, those instruments were stolen years ago. 

Meteorological Column

A lot of people were walking aroung the garden. Other people were reading books, others were drawing. A group of teens were catching Pokemons without pay attention to anything else, even to each others. I walked around the garden for 2 hours, 14.3k of steps and a lot of photos. Some of those photos are on Flickr.


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