nattalie_m 😡 frustrated

Tired of mediocrity and ineptitude

I'm writing this while I eat a sandwich at the desk because as usual I'm doing almost all the work alone, so there is not time to take a break for lunch. Sales manager is trying to deal with some issues but I have to assist him with all because he works from his home (far away) and because he's new.

So here I am, doing quotes, answering the phone, organizing the logistics, making purchase orders, carrying out import procedures, processing sales, calculating sales commissions, and a lot of tasks from other departments. 

This week that administrative boss is on vacations, sales manager and I realized and this guy stopped paying debts. We have debts with our main provider, Fedex, and I don't know who else. Why he did it? nobody knows, my boss said she didn't know about this. I'm pissed at her. One year ago after the former sales manager quit and became an associate seller, I tried to organized sales department and told to my boss she must control debts, collections, sales and commissions without exception because those are the critical points of the company. She didn't listen to me, and she put on charge of our department a coworker who did and still does nothing (and this is why she should move him to other position). Now she regrets but it is too late to cry. 

I'm waiting for her to come back from her trip. I want to talk to her and to sales manager. We start doing a professional work or I am out, I am tired to wasting my time with inept people. 


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