Insufficient funds

Yesterday my coworker was trying to buy a ticket to flight to other city because work. He tried to pay the ticket with the company credit card... insufficient funds.  How it can happens?!?!?!?!

My boss is not here and administrative guy who manages the company bank account is not here because vacations. My coworker really needs to flight next week and we can't say to our customer "oh wait few days until we get money to pay the ticket" so I paid it with my credit card... 

I can't believe how bad managed our company is. It piss me off that my boss comes here every day for nothing, because she has no fucking idea what is going on with her own company! I want to slap her in her face.

In the other hand I'm still playing the detective game here, finding out how the ex sellers try to put us traps. The last trick they did was getting a domain, hosting, and cellphone number and stolen someone else identity to pretend they were one of our customers. When we realized about this we warned to the real person and the real company about this situation, but no idea if they will take any legal action against these motherfuckers. Ex sellers are selling the alternative brand of tools that our main provider manufactures, a cheaper and low quality serie of tools which compite with the main brand. We are pissed that our provider gives the representation of this tools to the people who worked with us and stolen us money. So far with all the proofs that I got playing to be the noob and dumb version of Sherlock Holmes, we could make the provider to give us the representation of those tools too, but I'm playing my cards to go for the exclusiveness, then just us will be authorized to sell that brand of tools causing ex sellers to lose a lot of money. If you mess with my work I'll try to destroy you :D


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