What a waste of day!

I worked 4.30 hours then I went to the store to get few things I wanted, like botox and dye for my hair. I also bought more bracelets and rings. I got home around 4 pm, I ate fruits and oat then I sat down trying to decide what I was going to do first of all the things I wanted to do this weekend. 

I felt so tired that I lay on the bed to finish to read an iBook called "Rise of the dragons". After it I left the phone in the nightstand and I fell asleep. Because my mind can't ever relax I was having a dream trying to find the way to fix some real issue. Sadly I couldn't find a solution for this then I woke up. It was 2 am. 

After 8 hours of nap I knew I was not going to fall asleep again then I got up. I had some messages on the cellphone, many emails to check and few messages in the journal. Michael was still awake and he has wrote me to play Magic Cards together, I thought it was a good idea so I messaged him back. 

We started chatting but I got upset fast. I felt he just talk to me mostly for complaining and that is boring. He was watching some Alien show on Netflix and trying to chat with me so in the end we did nothing. 

I made latte and the milk was spoiled. That pissed me off so much, there is nothing worse than a spoiled coffee! I threw it and I made another coffee using coffee creamer this time. Now it is almost 6 am and I'm catching up with journals, upset with myselft because I did nothing on Saturday just working and sleeping. 


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