😡 stressed


Despite the 8 hours I slept, and after waking up at 2 am and drinking coffee, I was able to sleep more. I fell asleep again around 7 am. 

It was a very bad sleep. I had nightmares or bad dreams over and over and over. One of them it were worms on my food... I HATE worms more than I hate roachs. I can't remember now the other dreams, I forgot them few minutes after wake up and just the worms dream stayed in my memory.  I hope to not have a period of nightmares again. For years all my dreams were about people dying, people being killed, raped or assaulted. I was mostly an observer, other times I was one of the people who was in danger. I have even dreamed my own death and woke up crying because sadness more than once. I still remember many of those dreams.

I'll clean the house and do workout to burn my energies, otherwise I won't be able to fall asleep tonight.


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