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I am a bitch

I had another night of bad dreams. I was walking across a bridge going to somewhere when a guy grabbed my ass, and he didn't want to leave me. Another guy who was with him was walking to me also and I got scared trying to get away. Not sure how I did but they left me alone, maybe because there were more people walking next to us. In some point of the dream I went to a kindergarden. I enter to a  room to talk with the teacher, but theplace looked more like a corral. I spoke to the woman and when I was leaving the room I realized that it was flooded and the water covered the children who were sitting... but they were alive. I kept going there and here all the dream, but I barely remember more than that.

Finally my coworker who was on vacations and my boss came back. After get work, I drink a coffee then I went to talk with my coworker update him about his tasks. My boss called me to talk in her office and we spend 1 hour talking about how things were the 2 weeks she was away. I told her it was very stressful for me because I keep doing everybody else's work, and I explained to her all the problems I got. She says she will fire the guy from the depot and she also complained about the 2 administrative employees. I asked for 1 week of vacations in February and she wrote to sales manager and to the guy who shares office with me for they cover me. 

I should start calculating commissions but I could not do it today, so busy with quotes. Tomorrow my coworker leaves the office for 2 days because a trip so again I'll be alone trying to do quotes and commissions same time, and I need to finish it before Friday, then try to update price list. I was so busy that I couldn't read journals on my lunch time... I don't even remember when I had lunch today.

In the other hand there was Michael messaging me. Every time that we talk we argue because I am always mad at him. Yesterday he proposed to read a book together, and since I bought Origin but I didn't start reading it yet, he will buy the same book and we will read it. To be honest I dont' care so much about him, I am tired of waiting for he to decide what he wants and shows some interest. I am being rudely honest with him and that piss him off. I'm sorry, not my problem.

He told me I need stop being angry but this is his fault. I told him we are like "The black cat" story by Edgar Allan Poe, when he is the alcohol for me. He said that he is the cat because he is bad luck and I replied that he is the alcohol,  making me mad and ruining my life! "That's pretty nice..." he said.... lol

I still was mad so I told him more truths that he always prefer not to talk about and he saids I need stop being angry always... well I'll stop being angry when I move away from you :)

Anyway we will start reading the book today.


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