😟 blah


I didn't have bad dreams last night or at least I can't remember if I dreamed something, so that is a win. I went to bed at midnight after do bike, then I tried to read the 5 first chapters of Origin because that was the deal with Michael. Reading at night is not good for me because I can stay awake reading until the sun rise but I had to catch Michael. I fell asleep after reading the first chapter although the book seems interesting, so I've failed. 

I felt tired and sleepy all day long, the 3 cups of coffee had not effect on me. I wonder if I am anemic, stressed, old or maybe my body just wants to give up with this life. Who knows?

I was hungry when I left work, so I bought meat and when I got home I cooked it. Yes... I had dinner so early! 8pm I was eating the meat with onions and beans. Not sure why I had this craving. 

I didn't feel like doing exercise today (one more time) so I'm going to bed to read the book until fall asleep. 


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