😦 busy

I’ve survived January… barely. This week was the hell. Despite administrative guy is back at work I couldn’t catch up with my tasks, in fact I’m more delayed. I didn’t finish commissions and I couldn’t update the price list. I can’t delegate anything because most of my coworkers don’t even do their own things. Some days I have lunch at the desk… I feel I’m collapsing.

Yesterday it was my niece’s birthday. After work I went to see her and I came back home at midnight. So good we live in the same building!. 

She is 15 now and we will do a big party in 1 month. My sister is organizing everything and I’m going to help. I want to build a digital guest book but I need to think how to do it. When someone arrive I will take a photo and ask to the person to sign it, then I’ll upload the photo to the guestbook website and let them write a message. I’m looking for some app to do it using just my iPhone but I couldn’t find anything, so I guess I’m going to build a wordpress website and use some plugin to make it looks like a guestbook. I’ll bring the notebook to the salon for people leave the message. Probably I will need to use a tablet to take the photos if I want that people sign the photo, this means that I’ll need to use the Lenovo Yoga tablet because the camera is great. But then I need an app which let me take photos and also write on it. 

I can use Google photos or Google drive to save there the photo and quickly download it in the tablet to post in the website. 

Another thing I need to do is designing the photo props, then print them and add a stick for people can hold them. I’ll also buy 3 letters, paint them with white color and illuminate them with rice christmas lights. Another things I will help with: souvenirs, candy bar, makeup, the base for the muffins-cake, and decoration.

I enjoy doing this but I know how tired and stressed I will be in March. During the day my head is so busy with work then at night with the party. Those are not the only situations that stress me. I’m very disappointed about Flor but there is nothing I can do, everyone choose the kind of person they want to be. 

Tomorrow I’ll go to the weekend house to relax and swim. I wanted to go early but I have a training until 3 pm. The only good there is that I work from home.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the party?


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