I was in the house, with my husband and our kid. I was talking by phone with someone trying to organize a party. In some point I walked outside and what I got in the front of the house was disgusting: a lot of rats (big rats), ants and ton of cockroachs. I ran again inside the house closing the door behind me but it was too late. Many rats went inside. I took raid and tried to poison them.

In other dream I was in a store I think when a very good looking man forgot his ID and credit car. I said to the cashier I could catch him and she said he wears a purple shirt. I walked quickly here and there but there was noone with purple shirt. I saw the cashier, and the man was with her. He was wearing a green shirt and was so sexy!!! This dream compensated the other dream. 

I grinded my teeth all night long, it hurts.


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