Trying to relax

My spot for reading

On saturday, after working from home until 3pm, I went to the weekend house determined to rest. After drinking a coffee, mom and I went to the pool. the water was warm, so perfect to stay inside the pool for hours! 

After a long time, we went out of the pool and we reclined on the chairs to sunbathe. There was some friend of my mother, a 49 years old man, prosecutor, divorced with kids. While I tried to read my book, mom and his friend were talking about his sentimental issues. It was annoying to hear all the hypocrisy of my mother but I did a big effort to keep silence. The guy seems to me a childish man who refuses to grow up, something very common nowaday. He tried to be nice in the wrong way, making compliments and saying to my mom how beautiful I am... congrats for piss me off! I didn't say anything about that then they started to talk about hysterical women. I was not participating of the conversation, trying to read my book, but in some point at opened my mouth and asked him "are you calling me histerical???" then I explained tohim the difference between a histerical woman and a honest woman who knows what she wants. He said I should not have such a strong personality  because that would scare men... That is exactly what I want, then they will stay away from me!

When they closed the pool, mom and I went back to the house, then I sat down in the garden to enjoy the hummingbirds. There were 3 of them flying around me, eating from the birds feeder, so close that I could hear their bzzzzzz bzzzzz all the time. 

Dinner was fish and salad, it was delicious, then I was so tired that I cancelled my plan of rading the bike at night and I laid down in the sofa to read my book. Mom at down next to me to watch videos on Facebook talking nonstop as usual so I could not pay attention to my book until she got tired and she went to sleep. I read for 2 hours then I went to sleep too.  


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