Once upon a time...

"There was a woman (me) who did plans for relax at weekend in the country house. Her plans were ruined by a very talkative mother who did not stop talking, singing, making noises nonstop until she went to bed."

On Sunday I woke up earlier than I wished, at 10 am. As I expected, I didn't sleep weel because I didn't have my pillow. When I woke up my arms were numb and sore. I got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee, then I thidied the house while my mother went to pick my sister, my niece and the photographer. They came to take the photos for my niece's photobook. 

When they arrived we had lunch then I wanted to go to the pool but my niece needed someone who does her makeup, so I stayed in the house and I did it. I also smoothed her hair. The first photos were at the pool so we went together. I had to help the photographer with the photo reflective screen. After she took all the photos that she wanted, my sister, niece and me swimming for a while then we started the next photo session. 

While the photographer was taking photos, I did the same with my iPhone 7. I LOVE its camera! I took great photos. Some of those photos were in the lake, others in the path of trees, other in the bridge. 

We went from here to there for hours until it got dark and we had to stop. We was exhausted! We ate pizza then we came back home. 

It was a long day and I could not relax as I planned but I enjoyed so much helping my niece :)


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