Pride and Prejudice

This has been a long week, full of tasks, full of meetings. I'm tired, delayed with my and other journals, and I could not write about my week yet. But i need to write how much I loved the book "Pride and Prejudice".

It was so big my interest for this book that I read while walking home today, and when I get home I laid down in the bed and didn't get up until I finished reading reading the book. 

I loved Lizzy and the way that she sees, acts and analizes things. Some of her reflections were sad but it would be foolish to deny reality just because we do not like what we see. I loved Darcy too, he was proud and haughty yes, but with noble feelings and humble to admite his wrong things and become better person. I don't like those men who are always flirting to a woman, maybe because my ego doesn't need be fed, and I don't like arrogant men but Darcy knew when change it so him became my ideal man lol. Where is my Darcy??!!

Talking about men, this morning I had a nice surprise. Just after I got work, my phone rang, it was Michael. I was surprised that he decided to call me while he was driving to work. We chat every day but we hardly even talk by phone because It's so hard for me to understand his English and to talk in his language that I feel uncomfortable and I usually stay on silence. But today I could understand 95% of all that he said! I just didn't get when he said "stop stir your coffee!" and it was because until today I didn't know the word "stir". I also could have a fluid conversation with him and I felt very comfortable. We talked for at least 30 minutes, he made my day :)


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