I don't know how I do to do all that I do. It was a long week. I left work late twice. Sales manager was in the city and he wanted to modify all the price again so it's good that I didn't update the list price yet. But this mean that in 9 days when I take my week of vacations the list price will shows old prices. One more time he waste time talking so much and losing focus so I could not teach him how to do all what I do. He trust my coworker will do that, and he will, but I know he will do a lot of mistakes. It's not my problem anyway.

In 10 weeks we will participate of a trade show and of course I am in charge of it. there is a lot of things that I need to do like banners, brochures, videos, advertising, designing the stand, etc. I already have some ideas of what I want to do. I asked to sales manager who will go since the trade show is in another province, and he asked me to go with the local seller and someone else, probably fat ass, which means I'll be stucked in the truck with him for 13-14 hours, unless my boss be smart and send me by plane while he goes by car. Anyway my boss still doesn't know that sales manager wants send me there and maybe she won't want. We will see.

Another thing that keep me very busy this month is my niece's birthday party. I printed the photo props and they look great! it's a win. I also started to build the online guestbook for her and so far I could get a way to make this works like I wanted. Another win! Today my sister, niece and I went to the center of the city to buy things for handcrafts. We got all the stuff we were looking for, and we spent on it less that it cost in our place. We walked from store to store for 5 hours, my iPhone says we did 12k steps so we are tired but happy because now we can start making the souvenirs, decorations, etc... well mostly me, because my sister is not good for handcrafts. I do not work the next 3 days but I'll be busy with this.

Anyway despite all the things that keep me busy this week, I had some time to read books (Origin, and Pride and prejudice) and to watch few episodes of The Fall. 

Now I'll have dinner with my sister and we will continue working on the decoration. I hope everybody is having a nice weekend!


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