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Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Since many years what I enjoy most of the Valentine's Day are the memes and jokes about single people (like me). I'm not as romantic as I used to be when I was young and I stop caring about special dates, even about my birthday.  

At 2 am I got a message from Michael, saying Happy Valentine's Day before he went to sleep. That message, and the memes in social networks, were the only thing different on a normal Wednesday.

After work I went to home and I was getting the entrance of the building when a man with a big bouquete of flowers rang the bell of my apartment. He look at me and ask "Natalia?" yes, it's me.... then he gave the flowers and he left.

A quick look at the note attached to the flowers to know who sent them: Michael! 

I was so confused. How he bought them? how he paid for them? How did he communicate with the florist if he doesn't speak Spanish at all? how he found a store around my city when he barely remember my address? 

I love the flowers although the white one are not in bloom yet, they will last more days! It's so nice to know that he spent time looking for a way to make my day special :)


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