_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Pool day

Yesterday after working I put some clothes in a bag for Martu and me, my book, tablet, cellphone and mom came to pick us. My sister and niece were coming too. The weather can't be better, 93F and sunny. We got the weekend house, we settled then we went to the swimming pool.

The water was perfect! I stayed in the pool for a couple of hours then I went out and I laid on the donut towel to read my book :D

This towel is so funny I love it, this is how it looks:

At 8 pm we went back to the house and we started to cook. Two friends of mom came to have dinner with us. I had fun looking how one of them was telling to my mother nonstop that she doesn't let him talk. He told me "your mother doesn't listen to me and doesn't let me talk!!!". She justify herself saying that it's because she knows what he will says. I felt shame of her attitud and I replied to him "Welcome to my life".I don't know how the man didn't punch my mother in her face lol
Tags: family, vacations, weekend
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