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I woke up at noon. After eating fruit and drinking coffee I went to the pool. It was another sunny and hot day and the swimming pool was empty because people were having lunch.

I enjoyed the pool for almost 2 hours then I came back home to have lunch. After lunch I sat in the garden while hummingbirds were flying around me. There were at least 6 birds. I love how close of them I can stay without they fly away. They are in our garden all day long.

At 4.00 pm we went to the pool again and we stayed there until 8 pm. I took a lot of funny pics and videos of my niece, my sister and Martu. A wasp stung my butt and I swear in all the languages. A couple near me laughed about that :P

Back home I took a shower and I had dinner, it was pasta. Now I'll read my book before sleep.

There some photos from today

"Mermaids take shellfies"

Tags: moi, photos, vacations, weekend
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