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Wednesday, shopping day

My sister and I did plan to go shopping because she knew a place to buy cheap school uniforms and also clothes. Mom wanted to come with us so we went to pick my sister and niece to their house and we all went to that city. It was a very bad idea... as soon as my sister got in the car, she and mom started to argue and also to yell... my sister is exactly all that she hates about my mother: agressive, intolerant, hater. I tried to ignore them but I knew it was going to be a shitty day.
The first place we wanted to go was the store to buy the school uniforms. My sister asked for the v-neck shirt and the skirts but they said it was out of stock. I needed more than those but we decided to look for another store so we looked for it on Google...another bad idea. We walked to those stores but they don't sell the kind of uniforms we were looking for. After walking and wasting 1 hour of time we were in the same place where whe were at the start. I bought some clothes for the uniform in a store then I went back to the first store. They had all that I needed for Martu's uniform... I spent more money than I wanted but it was necesary. At this point we all were hungry but we keep walking trying to get white dresses to wear in my niece's party... oh yes, dress code is white clothes and I'm not happy about that.
We went to few stores when my mother proposed to move to another city. My sister was agree but I didn't wanted because the stores in that other city are expensive. I told that to them but Ilet them decide. We bought lingerie in a store then we moved to the other place.
The first store we entered had normal price but we couldn't find white clothes that we like. As usual mom didn't remember were the stores that she wanted go were so we started to walk. I tried a lot of white dresses that I didn't like and which were also expensive. My sister was moody and complaining althought we were in that fucking situation because her stupid dress code. Mom was upset with my sister, and I was tired and hungry with a bloody headache. All that I have was less than half banana split frappuccino from Starbucks.

After 2 hours walking and trying white clothes we were ready to give up when mom's friend told us where we could go to buy nice and cheap clothes. It was our last try. In the second store we were, we all got white dresses which fit us. The one I got was very cheap. I liked it because it's very simple dress and the fabric is soooooooo good. It cost me 17 dolars!!!

I also got a cheap dress for Martu in a expensive store for teens. I was not going to spend so much money in white clothes which probably we won't wear again. It was a very shitty day but at least I got all that I was looking for. I went to sleep to my house.
Self-note: never do shopping with mom and my sister together anymore.
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