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I had appointment with the surgeon at morning. I wanted to know how much it cost to get ride of my eye bags. I knew it's expensive but anyway I needed to know the exact number, get disappointed and accept my face how it is. Went I entered to the Dr office and I told him why I was there, he made a gesture like if he could guess it before I open my mouth. The first he said was that he does not recommend me to go for a surgery, not just because it's expensive but because my problem is not so bad to go for it. Instead the surgery he recommended me to try with a laser treatment which tightens and rejuvenates the skin, so it can helps to attenuate my eye bags. The laser cost 150 usd against the 1400 than the surgery costs.The only bad thing is that the skin of my eye bags will be purple for few days but I think it worths to try!!!!Even if this doesn nothing on my eye bags it will does something on my eye skin.
I'll do the treatment on March or April. I don't expect it does magic but I hope it helps me to stop my obsession about my eyes.

Mom had appointment with the same Dr later that day so Martu and I waited at home for her to come to pick us. We went back to the weekend house. When we arrived one friend of mom was here waiting for us. He came to organize a dinner for the next night, oh well it seems we will have guests every day while I stay here???? He asked me for help him to set up his iPhone, which I did, then he used this excuse to add me in whatsapp. Later that night he messaged me and it seems he will do it every night the next days. This is the reason why I try to avoid human contact.
He is 47 years old, single, no kids, not sure what his profession is but I know he owns some houses in this place. Obviously, a rich man. He looks pretty normal, not ugly not sexy, just a normal man and he is showing interest on me, in fact the other friends of mom started to make jokes about this. That just make me more uncomfortable. I don't know if I became too old or too antisocial but I don't like men flirt to me. Instead of that I will like if he acts like a friend and stay in that place. Otherwise I have not interest at all to talk to him. Other woman in my place will take advantage of a man like this but that won't be ever me.

When this guy left, Martu wanted to practise to ride the bike, so we did. It was hard to do with the big bike because it's heavy for her to control it and it's also heavy for me to hold its weight and also Martu's weight so I took the small bike, which is very small for Martu, and I raised the seat and the handlebar. Now it was easier for we both to deal with it. After a while I was able to release the bike without Martu falls down, then I ran to her side ready to hold the bike if she lost her balance. It was not necesary but anyway I ran like for 30 minutes. It was a good way to exercise!!! Martu was so excited and happy laughing so hard that sometimes she lost the control of the bike because laughing. That made my day :)

We came back to the house to have dinner then Martu wanted ride the bike again. She wanted to go to the cross, I think it's 1 km away, but she tricked me!!! we did few meters then she stopped saying that she wanted to try the big bike so we changed bikes... can you imagine how I looked riding a kid bike??? she didn't want to change it back and I let her enjoy the victory. I don't remember how I felt when I learned to ride a bike but I want she keeps a good memory of this day.
After few minutes we got the cross and stayed there a little, in the dark of the night, under the stars, running here and there, laughing and taking photos. Riding that small bike killed my legs and made my butt hurts lol but who cares, it was a great night :)
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