After got up at noon, Martu wanted to cycle to the lake. I told her she needs to ride the small bike because there was no way to I made it in that bike. It was a hot day. Few minutes after we start cycling she changed her mind and cancelled the trip. I knew she was not getting it, sitting in the small bike really hurts. She took my bike and she rode for a while, then we had lunch. 

In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool. There were a lot of kids with the teachers from Recreation. First they were outside the pool playing games, then Martu and I went to the pool. We stayed there for a while althought the water was cold. When we left, the kids came back. There was an inflatable slide and the kids did a line to climb it and jump on the water. I've to admite that I would like using it, it seemed so funny!.

Since it was cloudy and cold we were back to the house and I helped mom to paint her hair. Tonight her friends were coming for dinner and 2 of them wanted to get her so she wanted to look fine althought she has not interest on them lol. 

At 7pm one of them, the man who has interest on me, came to the house to start cooking the chicken in the grill. I had to stay with him until mom got ready, then I disappeared until the dinner was ready. 

One of mom's "suitors" was a 65+ years old lawyer who I didn't like. He's very gentil and polite but I feel him so old and fussy. The other one I do like him, he seems pretty normal althought I'm sure he's rich. He's gentile and polite too and he seems very nice man. He has a 9 years old son who's lovely. 

The guy who tries to get me was messing with the other guy who is married but has girlfriend. I didn't like that, I felt it was childish and out of place. He was the last to leave and again he messaged after he left. I don't know what to think about him. I feel he's silly because how he acts but in the other hand I doubt a fool could become rich by himself like he did... maybe he doesn't know how to act with girls? I'm waiting to see his smart side, but who knows if he will surprise me.


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