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Another dinner with friends

I'm trying to catch up with my journal so this is how my weekend was.

On Saturday I woke up at noon and I had lunch while updating the journal, then I went to the swimming pool. It was cloudy and some windy so the water was cold. I stayed inside the pool just few minutes then I sat under a tree to read my book. I really like this book although I can't remember all the names of the Lords and Knights. 

Mom and my niece came to the pool but we didn't stay there so long. Her business partner was comming for dinner... yes, again! Mom's friend (the guy who tries to get me) invited me to go for dinner. I don't like when a man shows so much interest so fast!!!! I told him it was the last weekend of my vacations and I wanted to spend it with Martu so he replied that he could buy food and come to eat with us.... I let my mother choose since he's her friend and he is also one of the manager of the place where she lives. She invited him... 

Before the dinner I helped my niece to learn to ride a bike. Imade her to try with the small bike, just like I did with Martu, then ran holding the bike until she was able to ride it alone. She got it!!! Martu did it faster than her but it's because my niece was ashame. I'm a good cycling teacher :D

Mom's partner did a kind of barbecued which was delicious. The two men drank 2 bottles of wine and I could see it affected them. They were talking about losing parents because mom's friend is still depressed for his mother's death. In some point and I don't know how, the conversation turned about if I am sensible or hard woman. Mom and the two men talked like if any of them know me but they don't, it was uncomfortable so I kept silence. When mom's partner was ready to leave he asked me to walk with him to his car which was at the security post, previously to give me his phone to I add my number in the contact list... oh well, motherfucker. When we got to his car he tried to hug me to say Good night but I got ride of him very quickly and came back to the house... another uncomfortable situation.

Mom's friend stayed there for 1 more hour talking nonstop and trying to get our admiration... men!!! what is wrong with them???? When they got their respective houses them both messaged me. We just spent few hours together, what's the need to messaged me? I don't like all those attention on me, I want they treat me like any other person. Maybe I'm a dick, who knows...


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