Bye Bye vacations

Sunday, the last day of my vacations. I tried not to get depressed thinking about going back to work. 

I went to the swimming pool with my sister and my niece. We sunbathed for a while until them left. I stayed there because I was not hungry yet to have lunch. I went to the water but it was cold, I tyhink it was the reason why noone was in the pool. Mom's friend came to the pool and he moved my chair next to his chair... we start talking about people and I took the opportunity to make clear what kind of things men do that I don't like or makes me feel uncomfortable. He also know now that I have a FWB in USA so I hope it helps for him to be quiet. 

This time he was no creepy and we could talk about work, family, parenting, etc. Mom joined us later and also that man I like for her. Mom and I went back to the house at 7 pm then I started to pack my things. I got home at midnight but instead going to bed I stayed messing around, which means that I just slept 4 hours before getting up for work :(

Good things about my week off:

  • I rested and relaxed
  • Martu and my niece learned to ride a bike
  • I could read, watch series, swim, do some excercises, enjoy the nature every day
  • I've gained just 2lbs.
  • I bought the dress for the party
  • I didn't have to sit at computer the whole week!!!
  • My skin has a nice golden color now :)


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