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The party

Last month I've been helping my sister to do my niece's 15th years party, something similar to the Sweet 16 or Quinceañera. The topic was the ocean and we decorated everything with blue and white colors. Because my sister paid everything herlsef we tried to do as much as we could do. She rented a house that was perfect for this, and they decorated it. Then we did all the decoration for the candy bar, the bottles for the juice, bread boxes, souvenirs, decoration for the sweet table, etc. She bought the cake and the food and mom helped with that because she has a restaurant. 

She bought the dress which was not the typical princess dress, and she hired a photographer who did very good job! She took a lot of pictures before the party that are great, very adequate for a teen. I don't like when they try a teen look like an adult sexy woman. My sister wanted I do the makeup because I have a lot of good products for this, so I did although I never did a course for that (I just watched some videos on Youtube). I am pleased with the results! The photographer and the hairdresser said that I did very good job, and my niece and sister loved it. I was so afraid to ruin the makeup because I never tried before colors like blue for the eyes. It surprised me to see that I have more skills than I know. I was preparing her skin with treatments and creams the previous days, and also her hair, so she really looked beautiful.

On Saturday after left work on the way home I realized that my niece didn't have jewelry to use that day in the party, so I bought a ring, earings and bracelet for her.  I came home, took a shower then I went to the salon with my sister and mom to bring everything for the party. I did the candy bar then I came back home to makeup my niece. When she left to go to the hairdresser I did my makeup and get dressed. My sister was delayed so I went to the salon alone to welcome the guests while she got ready.  

The people were punctual and almost everyone respected the dress code (dressing white). When my niece was ready to enter, there were 15 person that she chose to give to her a heart plated balloon. We did a line, I was the last in the line because I had to organize it for the music starts when she enter. My niece enter with my sister and started to walk and get the ballons, she was so nervous!!! They both were holding tears until they got me in the line, then hugged me and let dropped some tears. My sister was not able to say a word but it was not necessary at all and I didn't say anything for not to ruin their makeup lol :)

Everything was fine. People loved the party, my niece was so so so happy and surrounded by people who really love her. Two friends and her boyfriend said some words to her in front of everybody, it was emotional. We worked harder but it worth, I've never seen my niece so happy before. 

The photographer told me that I should study photography and be her partner. She says I've good eye to take photos, I wonder why she thinks that, my photos are pretty normal. She also wants Martu and I go to her house to do some shots, she likes when I smile.... I hate smiling for photos!!! I wish I could see myself through the eyes of another person to know what they see when they look at me, I don't think they see anything special. She took Martu and me like model to take photos in the party and as I could see there are 1 or 2 photos that I liked, so I'll share here when I get the photos.

I went to sleep at 4 am, very tired but full of love. It was a beautiful and emotional day ♥



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