I want to write about some things that are going on last days but I didn't find time to write about.

Michael updated his resume and he applied for a new job. I can't believe that he finally stopped being afraid of everything! He's not happy with his actual job since long time but he was afraid to look for new job and realized that nobody wants hire him, afraid to fail. I hope he gets a better job, it will helps him a lot to build confidence. He also started working on his agenda to add some things that he wants to do, like losing weight, doing exercise, start his own project again. He also is tracking is sleeping with Fitbit and this scares us. The first day, in 6 hours of sleeping he woke up 21 times (1h 6m total) and he slept deeply just 45 minutes. This explain why he is always tired and irritated doesn't matter how many hours he sleeps. He's afraid he will have a heart attack in this way. Anyway he's being lovely with me. Oh, the flowers he sent me for Valentines lasted many days!

The friend and the business partner of my mother keep messaging me to invite me to hang out. The friend is pissing me off, he push so much and keep using the phrase "because at weekend you are alone" to forced me to do something with him. Now he changed his tactic and he "is worried because I'm having hard time and he wants to help me" WTF... who said that I'm having hard time? I can complain about work or how expensive things are here but it doesn't mean that I'm bad and having hard time, I don't need his help at all. This man is really obssesive, that is a very good reason for not to be his friend.

Martu started middle school this week, she was excited about! So bad her enthusiasm will not last long and soon I'll struggle with waking her up early. This year she will have Yoga, Chess and signing Coral, I hope she likes it. I love to see how she grows up, she's doing so well. I leave her in the school at 7pm then I go to work. I get work 1 hour early which means that I'm alone until my coworkers get the office and go home 1 hour early :D

There are new potential customers who want to buy a website. One website is for an online radio and the other is to sell clothes. Let's see if I can get them :)


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