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You won't fuck me in this way

Finally I lost my patience. This man who was pushing me to have a date messaged me today although I didn't reply his last messages. He asked if I was there and I said I was busy working. Few hours later I got another message saying that he wants to come to my home on Saturday after I leave work to take me to my family's weekend house so I can relax and he can see me because he miss me... WTF! I give a shit about what he wants, I told him NO to any thing that he propossed me before so why he keeps pushing??? For what the hell will he miss me when I don't know him and I just saw him a couple of times at my mom's house because she invited him and his friends for dinner? For two weeks every fucking day I have to excuse myself for saying NO to him, is not enough to say NO one or two times? 

He replied "I see that you don't want to share things with me, it's a pity" then added a broken heart emote. ENOUGH... I reply "you make me feel uncomfortable" then I blocked him without get an answer. This weekend my sister and my mom want we go to the weekend house to spend time together and to enjoy the last day of the swimming pool for this season. I'm so afraid that this man makes any kind of drama or tries to harass me that probably I'll stay at home. This piss me off so much!!!! damn the moment when mom told to this creppy man that I could help him to set his iPhone. I just tried to be gentile with mom's "friends" and see what happened to me!!!

A while after I blocked this psychopath, mom's partner messaged me again saying that he was going to try again for I go for dinner, coffee, drinks or whatever with him. If I told him NO yesterday why he thinks I'll say Yes today??? I replied "I just blocked mom's friend, do you want to be the next?" he said sorry he doesn't want to bother me and it was just an invitation, "don't worry" I said then he added "it's a pitty, but well.... I won't bother you again , sorry, I though we could have a date". I have no fucking idea why he though we could have a date, just because he went to mom's house to have dinner with her and I was over there???? 

Is this the tactics that adult men use to get girls??? to push them over and over getting offended if we say NO as if women are ungrateful??? that is pathetic!!!! NO is NO, and there is not reason for you guys keep pushing or claiming for explanations, I don't need to justify a NO, the fact that you have interest on me doesn't mean that I owe you something for this, I don't have any obligation to have a date with you or to be affectionate!!! I said NO, respect my fucking decision!!!!


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