Random Friday

Yesterday after work when I got home I was soooo tired that I fell asleep. One or two hours later I woke up, I cooked for today then I went to bed again. So today I was not so sleepy!

Day at work was quiet so I could design a banner for the mining trade show. the trade show is from 18 to 20th April in San Juan, and they will send me there with 2 sellers. I've never been there. It's an area of valleys and mountains. The main economic activity is winemaking and mining.  If I'm lucky maybe I can visit places around. There is so much I have to do to get ready and it seems I'll be almost alone to do everything (as usual). My coworker is going to Italy one week before the trade show and sales manager will be on vacation so this mean that I have to do all the work on sales department plus all the organization of the trade show without help. 

In the other hand I'll have work to do at home. I sold another website and also there is another person who wants a website and logo for his project :)

When I got home I was not so sleepy so I did washing, washing up and I mopped the floor. This make me feel good, I didn't waste the evening. I ate pizza then I did online shopping. I bought new bands and I am thinking about to buy 10lbs weights.



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