😕 lazy

Lazy Saturday

I had a quiet but nice Saturday. I worked 4.30 hours as usual. My sister and I decided not to go to the weekend house because mom went on Friday so this meant we had to go by train and bus.... no thanks! Instead that, my sister invited me to her house to have dinner together with kids. So that was the new plan.

After work I came home and worked for a while on the website of one of my customers but I felt so sleepy that I had to take a nap!. I woke up at 7 pm then I worked 3 hours on the website. I could not finish what I was doing because the dinner was ready then Martu and I went to my sister's apartment. She did some meat stuffed with vegetables, it was delicious. After eat we drink coffee and stayed talking about random topics. We had nice time :)

At 1 am I came back home but now I was so sleepy to continue working on websites so I went to the bed and I read "The woman in cabin 10" until 4 am, then I fell asleep.


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