August 11th, 2016

So close!

Finally I slept a lil more... 6:30 hours but still I didn't pack. I'm going to do the check-in today, I'm getting anxious!!

Im testing the ultra matte lipstick of Colourpop in some nude color, so far 9 hours usint it and it still stay on. I put vaseline on my lips before apply the lipstick because it will make my lips get very dry. This is a good tip and works fine. I could not take any decent pic of my lips with this stupid cell phone 97.gif

Just few hours left to be on vacations, I can't wait! 146fs495919.gif

I'm free!

Finally, holidays!

I'm great, my luggage is still empty hahaha but who care! I can say that Michael is definitely coming with me to vacations, I can't believe!!!!!!!!! loveshower.gif This is a dream that come true!

Ok not everything is nice latelly... I'm going to need new flat because they increased the rent of my flat almost the double.... fuckers. Plus I'm going to pay a lil more for bring the products that I sell. But, in the other hand I sold a new website. I will not let this obstacles ruin my week with Mike, no way!