August 12th, 2016

The previous day

OMG! few hours left to fly! and yeah... I still don't pack my clothes.

I woke up early because still a lot of things to do. I'm going to the bank to get my money then I go to telephone company to cancel the service.. fuck you Telefonica! After it I have to meet the notary and run to the hairdresser... yes I know that Mike told me don't mess with my hair but I can't help
When I get home I hope can have a nap, I don't want look ruined when I arrive to Orlando!


Going to the airport!!!!!

Michael is leaving his home driving to Orlando. He has to drive for idk... 14-15 hours

I'm a lil nervous because I never left my country, so I hope don't do nothing wrong at the airport.

One hour ago I did a decent and natural make up and I can finally wear that earrings I bought few days ago! I feel great,  I look very nice and I'm in good spirits.

Everything is going so perfect that I can't believe!!!!!!!!