August 15th, 2016

Fashion game and more shopping

Mike can sleep all day long really but I'm sure he doesn't rest at all. Mike has big issues to breathe when he is sleeping. He literally stop getting air for few seconds, then his lungs struggling to get air and finally he make a sound and get air..once.. then everything start again. That is the way he sleeps all the night, doesn't matter what side he lies in the bed. I'm really worry about this and I think his lungs hurts, but he doesn't want see a doctor wallbash.gif
The noise doesn't bother me at all but he needs fix it to can rest when he sleep. Infact I love sleeping together, he always hug me and his skins is warm.

We woke up early because we had breakfast with someone in the hotel. I didn't understand what's going on because the man stay with us in the breakfast and talking random things about Florida, family, etc. After we ate, he took us to see other rooms in the hotel and then he tried to sell us something. It took all the morning and I started to feel bad. My heart beat very fast and I can't relax myself. After 2 or 3 hours they let us free and also they gave us a gift Visa Card for 100usd
We sit in the sofa to drink coffee and decide what we will do today. It's late to go to the beach, so again I can't decide what I want to do blush.gif I don't play minigolf and not sure if I want go to aquatic park, and def I don't want go to Disney.
So Mike pick the nailpolish and he started to paint my foot nails LOL . That are the kind of stupid things we do and i find very funny happy0196.gif

But this wasn't enought for mike then he decide he want to do my make up today. Oh god help me! hahaha So, i bring all my make up stuff to the living room and I explained to him how to use every make up. He apply concealer and fundation, then eyeshadows.. to be honest, the colors he choose was very interesting combination but the shape he did on my eye using it was terrible. I have to say he did a decent job with the fundation.
When he finished was my time to do his make up!! I did the same... concealer, fundation, eyeshadows but.. I apply on him eyelash mascara and lipstick hahaha So bad i can't post a pic here to show how we look. It was funny and we laugh a lot.

We got coffee on Dunkin' Donuts and we went to Target. I want buy some clothes for Martu and Mike help me with this even when it's bored to him. He is really good to choose clothes, make up, etc. and if he get bored he don't push me at all. I wish all the men be like him but single....
We bought some snacks, more make up and he pick 2 Cd's. We went back to the hotel, and had dinner. We started to watch a serie called Sillicon Valley, wich is very funny. We laugh so much!