August 19th, 2016

Florida: the last day

This is a very sad day, the day when I have to go away from Michael again.
We woke up early, we pack our things then we left hotel.
We did shopping again. I bought clothes on Nike and Kohl's... Mike choose clothes for me that are really nice. He also choose a bag and wallet that I love.

After it, we went for coffee to Dunkin' Donuts then I see a store where sell unlocked cellphones and I bought a Samsung Galaxy wich works pretty good.
We went to the airport and I registered my luggage. Then we wait in the car because Mike felt bad. We stayed on silence and I tried hard to hold my tears. 128fs4765852.gif
After 2 hours waiting we went to the airport. We walked to my gate and damn... I could not hold my tears more. I didn't want go away from Mike but same time I wanted run away asap to not to feel an eternal pain. Isn't just sadness what I felt. Ins't fair our situation. It's like a sinic joke... first time in my life I feel 100% fine with someone, I feel relaxed, I enjoy th time together, and now I have to go away.
I don't know what Michael felt but I made him cry. Time to get my plane. I cried for hours, and yes, for days... I still cry writing this. I can't believe how much I love him. He said we will meet again.
Now I have to stay strong... one more time, always fighting, always staying strong while I feel im dying without him. And for this I started this journal, because for stay strong I need remember every second with him, every feeling, every kiss, every hug. We deserve a real chance and nobody will give us it... we are who have to fight for get the chance.