August 28th, 2016

Weird dreams

I had a really bad night. Last night I argue with Mike about the same than always... he want I take him like a bf when he has someone else in his life. I don't care that he has a fake relationship that is really a friendship, I'm not going to take him seriously to share just a week for year, i deserve more respect. But he want me in love with him when he can't give me a real relationship. No way. If we will be lovers then I will pick a "friend" like he has to share my life the rest of the year and someone who give me that he can't give me.
Yes i write this very easy but for me do it is very hard when my feelings are involved... I'm so stupid loyal to my feelings 128fs4765852.gif I feel so annoying with myself.

So all that shit came to my mind while I was sleeping and I'm my dream was his wife doing laundry. She hang out the washing in a long rope.. a lot of clothes. I don't know what this mean and I don't remember so much about this. Another fragment of my dream was me in a new house but in a city I knew. Martu, Flor and mom was there. I went out to buy food, I was cycling trying to get a store to get the food then I stopped in one, I got off the bike and few seconds after someone was stole it. I was very mad trying to find this asshole but I can't.
I woke up with headache, I don't feel it will be a good day. 
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