August 30th, 2016

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Yesterday was a long day at work, I did at least 20 Quotations or maybe more. I dind't eat nothing during the day, just had 3 or 4 lattes because I was not hungry.
I was in bad mood, tired, emo because Michael, frustrated and overworked. When I got home I did my workout. Bad idea do it without get food all day long, was Legs day and very hard, but I finish it even when I felt a little weak. I need go back to my healthy food or I will not be able to keep my workout.
I found a way to can do so some exercise while I'm sitting in the desk all those hours in  my work. Just_Cuz_13.gif

Now that I started to change my mind about feelings I feel better and I can put focus again in my projects. I don't know what happens this week but I sold many things and it's just Tuesday! 1068973_34_y.jpg

To do List this week

  • Look for new flat

  • Post new products

  • Finish website from Chile

  • Schedule publications about new products for all the week on facebook

  • Publish my forniture to sell

  • Design website for my boss

  • Pick make up

  • Go to the notary