September 6th, 2016

New Website

The website for one of my customer is almost ready. I don't like some details, like some boxes he wanted I add but he don't give me enough text for fill the box, or some images and colours, but he wants it in this way. Since he will use his website everyday I think is better give to him a website how he likes to see.
Today I have to start new website to another customer, so let's feed my addiction for the coffee

Bikini Body Guide 1 - Week 3

I started this workout months ago but for different reasons I always quit. Since I bought my ticket to meet Michael it was enought motivation to work my body every day. But I didn't follow the BBG guide 100%. First month I did the Pre-Training guide, then I mixed some exercises from BBG1 with booty exercises. Now that I'm back at home I'm doing the BBG1.

First week of exercises isn't hard to do, just burpees took my breath away.  Arms training I changed some exercises because I don't want fuck my back more.
Week 2 legs day almost kill me... there is too much cardio for me, was a little hard do burpees then jump lunges then jump squats then skipping... OMG. I was not able to do everything. No problem with arms and abs. In the last day of that week I did all the exercises so very happy about my progress. I have to repeat this round next week, let's see if I die again with Legs day.

Week 3 is same than week 1, so yesterday I did legs and I didn't have to change or skip any exercise

So bad I do my workout 8pm when I get home from work, and can't be able to wake up early for do this. I don't think I can fix it because is very hard to me go to bed early even when I'm tired. After dinner I usually share something with Michael and when I don't, still get distracted playing some game on phone or reading instead sleep