September 8th, 2016

Help that isn't help

Today Mike had appointment with Dr. and Dr. said what I knew he will said. It make me anxious, like I wanna shake him and say OMG start to fix it.. I told you!!!!! then I realize that even when I want help him, probably I'm just making things worse for him. ermm.gif
I remembered myself in similar situation years ago and I'm still trying to deal with this, isn't fair that I push him to fix his issues fast just cuz I feel he let ppl fuck him and I want we move on.
Even when I could be right in some appreciations I need keep in mind that I don't know everything about him, he doesn't think, feel or lead with things in same way I do, and there isn't even a reason for he does it like I do. He isn't worse or better, he is just himself and he does what he can or what he feels.
And love him means accept all these differences, respect his decisions and his times, keep loving him even if he makes mistakes that I would not make.
If I really want help him I need keep calm and trust him. I know he can fix anny issue, but he needs realize about this by himself.

Love you so much! loveshower.gif