September 9th, 2016

I can't sleep...

Almost midnight. Mike is watching a game in the TV. I came to bed ready for sleep a little more early than usual. Nope... this isn't goin to happens. I checked a game in my cell phone, then Instagram, then twitter. I skip facebook. I open LJ and started to read randoms entries from random people. But LJ app sucks and it stop working all the time. So.. sleep seems a very good option, right? Not for me...
Mike wanted we read together books. I love that idea. Then he told me what book he wants read first. I installed Kindle on my computer and on my phone and I bought the book. To be honest I prefer reading paper books but I could not get it in the store. And since I'm about to move to a new flat better I dont get more stuff to move.
The book is called The Last Battle by Stephen Harding. It is about World War II. Mike loves that kind of books. I never read it before and I'm not sure that I will like this genre, but I want give to it a chance.
So I started to read it this week on english, what is still hard to me understand all and make me slow reading. So far i like this book. I'm on page 20 and Mike didn't start yet. So... guess what i will do right now instead sleep????

Lists day

Since Mike and I are going to read together I made a lits of the read books on Google Books. I can't remember all the books now, so far I added 60 but I will continue updating it.

Another list I made today is on Youtube with all the songs that Michael send me to listen. Today he sent me 3 songs.

Looking for new flat

After vacations I started to see for new flat to move because this is very expensive now and very big. I'm paying for a flat with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms living kitchen etc just for myself... is a waste of money. Today I see this one, that is new, an is very near from here. Is more like a small house and the price is reasonable. I took few pics to can calculate how big is the rooms.

I was looking for something more modern but all that I see is more small and expensive.. then after see this I changed my mind. If i get this flat I can keep saving money to have vacations with Michael at least twice at year 1f63b.png
This weekend I will decide if i'm going for this or now
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