September 10th, 2016

Learning English

Resources that I use to learn English alone
And you can also get a lot of free ebooks on english to read. I also listent to english radio on internet.


As today is Saturday and I got home early I decide to have a healthy lunch before do my workout. I cooked spinach omelette with a fruit smoothie. I dont add sugar to the smoothie even when it can be sometimes a little acid because the fruit. This lunch took me 10 minutes to do

In 2 hours I will do my workout, meanwhile I will organize my stuff to move to a new flat.
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Saturday at night

Today was a good day. I worked, I did workout, and I finally started otganizing things to move to new flat. I realized that I have a lot of things that I can sell, almost new things jurassic-park.jpg

After workout I took a shower and spent time with Michael, then I get so relaxed that I was almost to nap or be lazy but I can't waste my weekend so I threw many things in the trash. I don't know why doing it make me feel good.

Now I eat pizza while I try some Mojito drink. I hardly ever drink alcohol. That Mojito isn't bad but is bitter... I like sweet drinks.

Mike and I are going to play online games a couple of hours then I think we will sleep.

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