September 11th, 2016


I come to bed and want read something before sleep. I will not read the book that Mike choose because he started reading yesterday then I will wait for him. I took the books I have in the nighstand amd I realize I was reading 5 books same time before start the 6th

Old drawings and collections

Today I was throwing things in the trash when I found my old drawings and another stuff I collected. This isn't all that I have ofc and I don't know if I will continue saving it.
Some drawings from games (Lineage II, Ultima Online, etc)

Stickers Collection

Diary Collection

Still missing my Coins collection and Pencil&Pen Collection

Hoarding disorder

Today I started to throw things in the trash and I wonder if I have hoarding disorder 291.gif
There is a lot of things that I didn't use for years or also I never used. Mostly of those things I got because my family gave me it.. If i don't accept the things my mom will says I'm a thankless but I realize that 90% of times she gives me things that she doesn't whant anymore but if she throws away she will feel guilt . So she forced me to accept her things and I feel guilt if I reject or throw away those things.
In this way I filled my house with her old forniture, old clothes, old ornaments, old crockery, etc. Mostly of her things I don't like and I don't even use but I keep it because "maybe one day it will be useful" OMG
I feel sick of all this shit around me and I'm angry about let her making me feel guilt , but blame her in this journal will fix nothing so, time to throw away everything!!!!
This is just one part of all the stuff I want throw in the trash shame.gif

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