September 15th, 2016


Today my boss told me "we need to talk". The first I thought was opssss "what I did now????" 128fs4765852.gif In few seconds my mind was thinking in the worst possibilities and how I could fix it, even if I get fired.

She started the conversation with some work she needs I do, then she got more serious. Since lately everything goes wrong to me, I was waiting a bad news.But instead it, I got promoted!!!!!!!!! greenstars.gifThis next months I will improve my skills then in January I will start my new position with better salary 1f63b.png

I'm SO happy! She told me she is sure I'm able to do this and she wants to give me a chance. And this pay rise means I can rent better flat and still have vacations with Mike Just_Cuz_13.gif
Yes... I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A great day!

After my promotion I have more motivation to continue working in some projects. At work I'm doing a good job and the company will save much money. What I like about my job is I can do whatever I think is better in the marketing and design area, and soon I will be more independient in Sales department. Not dealing with customers is something that I love, but being seller of our company is great because the high sales commisions, so if one day they make me sell I will not complain.

I felt very tired when I got home because last night I couldn't sleep. I was about to skip my English lessons but I forced myself to going to the institute. That was a very good decision since a mate bring me chocolates, jelly and dulce de leche (i don't know how it's called on English)

This is a Handcraft Wild rose jam big and small one, chocolate and the dulce de leche...and all for me!!!! Just_Cuz_13.gif
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