September 17th, 2016

Bikini Body Guide week 4

Week 4 done. This week legs day didn't kill me 291.gif
I also started to do some exercises that I thought will make all my body hurt but nope, it doesn't hurt and help me so much to strech my back and neck.
Saturday I will do that exercises, bike and strech to finish the first month of BBG without skip or lose any day. Very happy with myself.
I keep losing weight even when I'm not fat, I'm not doing any kind of diet just eating as healthy as I can. I feel so good lately.

In 4 days it will be spring, alergy already messing with me but my skin is fine, and the best I'm using all natural things to my beauty routine instead wasting money in useless creams. The only cosmetic creams I buy is those from Korea because they are very good and not so expensive. Already using sunscreen SPF 50 for my face, Hawaiian Tropic one, I love how it smells.
I want to ask to any tattoist if we can do a test on my skin, because I want get a tattoo but I'm afraid it give me allergy. I hope can do some test.


Third night that I can't sleep. Even when I'm tired because workout, even when today I just drank 2 coffee instead 3. I also took half pill but nothing... tired but can't sleep. I will go to bed anyway, maybe read something but reading keep me awake instead make me sleepy. And tomorrow I have to work, 4 hours. bbg.jpg
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