September 19th, 2016

Still awake...

I knew it will happens. I slept around 12 hours last night and was hard to get up today. And now, even when I took half pill I couldn't sleep. Isn't like I did nothing today, i cleaned the house, I did the washing, cook, shower, etc. I just was sitting a short time to do English homework. I wanted do workout but today is the rest day and tomorrow I start the week 5 of BBG and it seems will kill my legs

After dinner, I did the washing up and I did my nails. Then i came to bed even when I'm not sleepy. I read The Last Battle for 30-40 minutes. I found that if you select a word in the book, Kindle show you differents options like translate or wikipedia. Love it!
I stopped reading now and I will forced myself to sleep, I want get up in 6 hours. Let's see if it happens 😞